Words Make the World Go Round

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There’s a beautiful world of words out there!

Whether it is a poem, a short novel, or just some thoughts, it’s amazing how they bind and marry or even contradict each other and give structure to a meaning.

And then words become a melody, which flows through pages like rivers in the valleys!

Words make a sound and give life to our cultures.

They become symbols & expressions to define peoples and enhance communication.

And what’s wonderful about words is that they never die. In fact, they change to adapt to new demands and identify current societies. And so they keep us interested.

There is a secret world of words out there!

And it is secret because it awaits us to explore, use, and play with them.

There are so many of them! And we can never really say we know it all because they always have the last word.

The Peculiarities of Garage Door Spring Problems


The worst thing that can happen to garage door springs is break. And there will come a time when they will snap – unless you replace them first. One would wonder what’s so tragic about torsion and extension springs breaking! Things do break! So what’s the fuss all about? It’s simple. Broken springs create problems. And some of them are related to your safety. So let us help you understand why premature garage door spring replacement is a smart move and explain better some of the peculiarities of spring problems. Continue reading

Is Online Writing Killing Our Good Old-Fashioned Writing Skills?

6661771443_532d13e8e3_zI often go back to the days when I was writing for a newspaper – the traditional, paper-made ones. There was still anxiety about the topic but we also focused on content, cross checking our sources, stating the facts and trying to find a voice to communicate with the paper’s audience.Then came the web. And along arrived online writing. The rules changed. Online job offers are asking authors to deliver e-books in a few months let alone the insane ones who expect a well-researched, quality content and interesting e-book in a week!!! Did we get smarter during the transition from the traditional to the web era? Continue reading

Which Garage Door Parts Are Dangerous?

garagedoor5Who’s afraid of his overhead garage door? There is no reason to. Garage doors become dangerous only when we let them to. Although we all tremble in the idea of the door falling on us, the truth is that doors don’t just fall out of the blue. They move and remain safe thanks to the good cooperation of the garage door parts and so their condition would determine the stability of the door. It’s simple! If you have all parts checked and maintained from time to time, the door won’t collapse.

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How to Choose a New Garage Door

garagedoor3Do you have 1M questions about garage doors?

It’s natural! When it’s time to change one of the most important and definitely the biggest door in your house, you ought to make a good choice. People get nervous for two reasons. From the time they last purchased their overhead door, there have been many changes. They also know that investing in a new door is not easy. It’s an expensive investment and directly associated with the security of their home, their daily convenience and the safety of their family. When people have the responsibility of so many things, the decision is hard even if they have the solution staring  them in the eye.

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Insulated Garage Doors: Why Not!!!

garagedoor6Insulated garage doors are good for you! Just think about it: you spend less energy, enjoy better indoor temperatures, and keep your doors for years. According to recent studies, insulated doors are extremely durable. They’ll keep moving when regular doors would stop and also provide noise insulation as well. How about that? Let the kids scream all they want. Want an extra credit? Your bedroom upstairs will be warmer simply because insulated garage doors help you keep the whole house warmer. These are the things promised by insulated doors. Let’s see why!

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Take Care of Garage Door Problems…Before Problems Pop

garagedoor2Why should you deal with garage door problems if you can prevent them? Although parts will eventually wear, the secret is for you to enjoy good door performance in the meantime. Garage door parts will wear after many years of use especially if you fail to take care of them. Problems begin when parts are not in good condition. What we usually experience is problems with the performance of the door. The door might not open or close and in some occasions it might get stuck mid-way up or down. These are actually the symptoms of problems. Picture this: your overhead door didn’t open this morning.  That’s the symptom. Does it refuse to open out of boredom? Naturally not! When the reasons for the door not opening or working right are discovered, the problem is identified. Then it’s time for repairs.

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You Are Kindly Reminded to Lock Your Doors

deadbolt 6Some things are common knowledge. Some things are just common sense. We don’t have to think about them; we just do them because we consider them natural. Don’t we all get dressed before exiting our homes? We should feel the same way about our home locks. We buy them, install them and then forget to lock them. You might find it strange and far stretched but actually this is one of the most common reasons why there are so many home burglaries today and especially during the day. Do you think you will scare the intruder away with your presence at home? Some might get discouraged surely, but others won’t care less. They will simply open the door like gentlemen, get a few things they need, close the door and leave without even bothering you at all. Ten minutes later, you will walk into your living room to discover that some things are missing or you will wonder why you don’t hear the television anymore!

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How to Choose Window Locks

window2The right window locks will save the child, allow you to enjoy a well-aired house without being concerned of intrusions and make burglars very sad. So, the right choice of locks plays a significant role and it will be this choice of yours which will determine the security of your house but also your child’s safety. You see, a child that is curious enough to open cabinets or try to reach the keys hanging from the door locks will also want to step out of the window or admire the view. Even if you live at a ground floor house, the dangers are plenty let alone living at upper floor apartments. Taking precautions is always the best solution for the avoidance of such accidents but also for higher home security. So, thing well and make a good research before you end up buying.

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Knock, Knock!!! Who’s There?


Intruders are like octopuses. They move their legs in whichever way convenient for their purposes and are ready to flee in seconds. They won’t only sneak up on you at the darkest hours of the night but will also knock like gentlemen on your front door pretending to be someone else. They have discovered methods and broadened their horizons in order to be more flexible and find ways to break-in. They can pretend to be salesmen to check out who is answering the door or to check out the house. They have their minds on ground floor homes and especially those with open windows and try to reach keys placed close to the window opening. They have found their ways and we must find ours or our new door locks won’t mean a thing to our security.

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Security: What does it mean to you?

deadbolt 2Undoubtedly, quality door locks are the epitome of security. On the other hand, the installation of good bolts is only a fraction of what you can do to enjoy higher security. Although deadbolt installation is absolutely important, home security is more than that; it’s more than locks. It’s rather a combination of different things, which include decisions on your behalf and actions taken. It’s the right timing for everything you decide to do and how serious you are about the security of your own house. It’s not that there is a single homeowner who wouldn’t care to do the best he can for the enhancement of his security. It’s rather a question of how well-informed one is and whether he knows what measures to take to maximize security as much as possible.

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