How to Build Company Culture and Why It’s Important

fotoblog3Here’s a question for you: if you were to start a start-up company, would you think of culture?

Businesses are all about making money, expanding, getting stronger and everything in between. But that’s not how some big online companies see things. Successful online corporations have power, high revenue, fame and a huge clientele. The difference is that they didn’t start aiming at this direction. They started focusing on culture or rather company culture.

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Leaders Must Take Action


“Once upon a time a wealthy Athenian was making a sea voyage with some companions. Suddenly a powerful storm blew up and the ship was overturned. All the other passengers started to swim except the Athenian, who was only praying to Goddess Athena making promises if only she could save him. Then, one of his companions approached him and said: While you are praying to Athena, start moving your arms”
Aesop (620 -564 BC) was a fabulist or story teller credited with a number of fables, which nowadays are known as the Aesop’s Fable.

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Real struggles begin at home…

Afghan citizens go to the polls to exercise their constitutional right to vote in presidential and provincial council elections. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Kai Eide, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), have congratulated the people of Afghanistan and paid tribute to all those who made the largely peaceful polls possible.

The gender issue is as old as the human race. The gap between men’s and women’s equality may have been narrowed down, but the fact that we still find ourselves talking about it implies that the segregation still exists.

Aren’t women more active in diverse socioeconomic, cultural or political structures of societies? No doubt! But have their modified roles elevated them to a point that gender differentiation ceases to exist? Absolutely not! Women are still considered subordinate to men and their efforts to change their gendered roles have brought even more problems for them, we dare to say. Societies and cultural mechanisms prove that aspect and, even worst, they reinforce gender boundaries.

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Mediterranean Diet Can Really Change Your Life

mediter food foto

It’s lovely cooking for fun! Have you asked any full-working parents lately how much they love their kitchen ? Things get even tougher for single parents. A few tips …

Stress goes hand in hand with single parents. Having no one to share responsibilities and chores with, single parents hardly have the luxury of time. Expected to climb hills every single day, they have to respond to demands and do the right thing – especially when it comes to their kids. Their nutrition is one of the biggest challenges! Lack of time and long hours at work leave the pans empty and stomachs full of junk. Where does that lead? Obese children, stressful mothers and bad health! Did you know that Americans consumed more canned than fresh food? Your day might start with cereal and milk, but daily meals often consist of food coming right out of cans or ready to throw in the microwave!

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How to Make Garage Doors Safe

garage door
Garage Door Safety is everybody’s business! Preventing accidents is every parent’s concern and today is the day for you to take measures

Safety had nothing to do with garage doors till accidents made everyone deeply concerned. A few injuries here and there just raised some eyebrows but when things got serious, manufacturers, service companies and experts in the field were all united under one idea: to make home garages safer. In 1993, the Underwriters Laboratories issued garage door opener requirements to ensure no more people will be entrapped.

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How to Choose Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses designed for your eyes only! Check out how to select the best progressive lenses and how to avoid mistakes

When you are fortysomething, you have (almost) everything: wisdom, experience, a car, a house, family and work. Everything you dreamed about is in your pocket along with your glasses. Oh, yes! Vision is one of the precious little things, which will betray you as years go by. Not necessarily, but it happens to most in their forties. You suddenly find yourself carrying glasses in every pocket. A pair for each activity: driving, computer and reading glasses.

Then something amazing happened! The progressive lenses were born and your pockets were emptied. Actually, these types of lenses were patented in the early 1900s. No resemblance with new age progressive lenses, but still the efforts began more than a decade back. What’s revolutionary about progressive lenses is that their technology has reached the point of perfection.

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How to Lose Weight, Stay Healthy and Be Happy

Junk food addiction is a fact. Orthorexia nervosa is the new trend. And whatever you do, you are still not happy. Change your life today! Lose weight and gain back your smile

It’s a cruel, cruel world! I am with you! Food temptations are all around us, but we are coerced (by society, magazines, trends, our mom, husband or best friend) to stay away from anything over 50 calories! Are we going to live on lettuce? Nine out of ten women have starved themselves during their teens and continued starving at their twenties. Trying to fit in their wedding dress, they went through exhausting diets in their thirties and finally they have reached a point at their forty-something when they got tired. Continue reading

Lose Weight Together and Enjoy Every Minute of It

10. lose-weight-fast

10. lose-weight-fast

How many times did you make diet plans and failed to complete them? Time to make it work by losing weight as a couple

The Boomtown Rats were right. Nobody likes Mondays. Who wants to get up knowing that there will be no chocolate chip cookies in the menu today? Diets start on Mondays, but often end by mid-day. Who set up such rules? Forget about the calendar and “must do” norms. If your diet is going to make you miserable, it won’t work. Do it right and you will really lose. After all, it’s not worth struggling to lose a few pounds only to gain them back before the month is over! This will make you even more frustrated. The whole point is for you to lose weight and enjoy the results and not the other way around.

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What Makes Some Cities Extremely Dangerous

terror city fotoViolence has many faces. It actually blooms inside homes, wanders around neighborhoods and crosses borders only to embrace the weakest and defenseless peoples.

The map of the most dangerous cities in the world has hardly changed over the years. It’s no wonder why cities in the Central and South America and parts of both Africa and Asia are considered the most violent ones worldwide. Violence feeds from fear and fear grows as the living conditions are at the lowest levels. Continue reading

1,000 writers, 1,000 writing styles

fotoblogsquare4Let’s talk about style! Let’s leave out academic papers and in-office documents, which require special techniques. Let’s talk about everyday newspaper and magazine writing. Even before the great invention of online blog posts and press, personal writing style was of the essence.

I remember when I was taking my first steps in journalism, my brother told me that if I wanted to make a difference, I should adopt my own style. He was right! Suddenly, the only articles which had an impact on me were the ones with personal style.

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