How to Lose Weight, Stay Healthy and Be Happy

Junk food addiction is a fact. Orthorexia nervosa is the new trend. And whatever you do, you are still not happy. Change your life today! Lose weight and gain back your smile

It’s a cruel, cruel world! I am with you! Food temptations are all around us, but we are coerced (by society, magazines, trends, our mom, husband or best friend) to stay away from anything over 50 calories! Are we going to live on lettuce? Nine out of ten women have starved themselves during their teens and continued starving at their twenties. Trying to fit in their wedding dress, they went through exhausting diets in their thirties and finally they have reached a point at their forty-something when they got tired.

How many times haven’t you said: “alright, I was deprived from anything tasteful in my youth, I had to diet after my first child was born, I went through a strict diet after the birth of my youngster and now it’s time for me to eat”. You are absolutely right, but you forget one tiny thing: you are not in your first youth anymore and the bad news is that your body changes, you burn less fat now and will take you much longer to lose weight. On the other hand, you don’t have to wear the tightest jeans on the market and you have grown to be wiser.

Are you a junk food addict?

Say no to junk food! The same way you said no to cigarettes! You might think that it’s not the same thing and it’s not, but bad eating habits and obesity can kill you, too. Frequent consumption of junk food might cause diabetes, strokes, serious digestive problems, fluctuations in blood sugar levels, heart, liver and kidney problems, and increases the possibility of cancer. Who doesn’t like to eat chips? Enjoying a film with a SMALL bowl of chips once in a while won’t get you sick, but consuming large quantities on a daily basis will.

Such junk food contains ingredients to make you addicted to them. Who can eat just a couple of potato chips? They are processed to please your brain and that’s why you can’t stop. Don’t make the mistake to consider potato chips the only junk food, which can be harmful. Hamburgers, pizzas, cakes, French fries and other yummy foods, including soft drinks, won’t only make you fatter, but will also have terrible effects on your health since they contain enormous quantities of salt, unhealthy fats, sugar and carbohydrates.

Lose the hysteria

No need to turn hysteric! Obesity is bad, but orthorexia nervosa is unhealthy, too. This is the latest term attributed to those who are obsessed with healthy foods and won’t touch anything else. We have been dealing with anorexia nervosa and bulimia for years just to get people to be compulsive with healthy foods. Aren’t any grey zones in between? Why do we have to push our limits to the edges? Why can’t we just enjoy a nice dinner and some junk in between just to break our daily routine! Once we blamed fashion trends and magazines for making skinny (ready to faint) models the example of what female bodies should look like. We have gone a long way since then and still don’t seem to grow wiser. Everything is in our mind! If we won’t relax and stop making food such an important issue, nothing will change.

Adopt new eating habits


Time to make some changes in your life! Forget about food hysteria whether you are on the side of those binging or on the side of those who would only eat cucumbers. Neither side is good or healthy! So, it’s time to get your act together and think that while you are sitting here discussing how much food to throw in your stomach, there are people out there who would give their right arm just for a day’s meal. Be serious now! We all understand that eating habits cannot change from one day to the other, but how many efforts have you done so far? We are not talking about dieting! We are talking about getting up one morning and start a new life. The best way to achieve that is to stop thinking about food so much and follow some tips.

  • Remove all junk food from the house, but fill the fridge and kitchen cabinets with healthier stuff – life fruit, yogurt, cereal, vegetables and fish. You can make splendid combinations with these food groups and enjoy them. It’s only natural that you will find boiled green beans nothing but tasteful! Try cooking them in some olive oil, onions and tomato sauce.
  • Don’t go to the supermarket on an empty stomach. These stores follow specific marketing strategies to make products inviting by the way they are placed so that you will buy them. If you eat before you go, you won’t crave for junk.
  • Don’t punish yourself. It’s useless to deprive your body from pleasures. Tell yourself that you will get a treat later this week. It will give you a motive and some joyful moments.
  • Indulge your cravings, don’t fight them or you’ll end up binging anything in your way. If you feel like eating some chocolate, get a piece but don’t eat the whole bar. If you are craving for fried food, you probably need omega fats and so it would be best to bake fish.
  • Eat at home and cook on your own. It’s also important to choose fresh food instead of heating up canned food.

The Mediterranean diet is the best because it’s not actually a diet, but a way of living. It contains food-groups, which will give you the right amounts of vitamins, proteins and all ingredients your body needs in order to stay healthy. Don’t forget that junk food will please you for a moment and cause depression later. People, who consume lots of junk, feel unhealthy and guilty afterwards. The more depressed you feel the more junk food you want to eat in order to feel pleased again. And then one day you realize that you don’t fit in your clothes anymore and the fat person staring at you in the mirror is you. Don’t do that to yourself!
Lose weight, not time


Forget about diets, which promise you that you will lose 10 pounds in three days. Even if you can do it, it’s not healthy. Since this is not the natural way to lose weight, you will only gain it back days later. It will be a waste of time and you will have put yourself under a lot of stress for nothing. Don’t forget that you first lose water and then fat. If you go on a fast diet, you will only lose muscle fat. So, if you want to succeed, take it slow. Get some breakfast and only fruit for lunch and have a balanced meal for dinner. Nothing in between and keep the portions small. Drink lots of water and treat yourself with a desert once a week. If you have cravings in between, indulge yourself but the following day, go back to your routine eating habits. It will take longer, but you’ll see results.
So, the whole idea is not to exclude all junk from your life but to adopt new eating habits and think things differently. When you stop thinking about food and distract yourself with other pleasures, things are about to change. Don’t be a victim of food hysteria. Stay above such matters and enjoy meals and the company of your family and friends because these are the things which really matter.

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