How to Make Garage Doors Safe

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Garage Door Safety is everybody’s business! Preventing accidents is every parent’s concern and today is the day for you to take measures

Safety had nothing to do with garage doors till accidents made everyone deeply concerned. A few injuries here and there just raised some eyebrows but when things got serious, manufacturers, service companies and experts in the field were all united under one idea: to make home garages safer. In 1993, the Underwriters Laboratories issued garage door opener requirements to ensure no more people will be entrapped.

By law, openers must integrate safety features to prevent accidents. Over 20 years later, we still talk about garage door accidents. This simply means that the problem is not over yet. Whose fault is it? Can we really point the finger to anyone in particular and blame him for the outrageous statistics or should we consider whether we do follow all rules or not?

The reasons for garage door accidents happening

Nobody really cares to look at numbers, but statistics just show us the extent of the problem. Don’t forget that behind numbers, there are people. Despite all efforts done by expert authorities to reduce the number of people getting seriously injured by garage doors, accidents still happen. According to the official 2007 U.S. garage door child safety statistics, thousands of people have injured their hands between section joints. Fingers have been amputated, children have lost their lives from a fallen door and some were injured by doing DIY repair work. So, forget about numbers. Take a look at your overhead garage door. Try to remember when the last time you maintained it was. Think of the times your children climbed on the opening door or raced under it. These are the real stats for you.

Garage door safety tips

We all want solutions. We surely do. Who wants to deal with garage door accidents? Sometimes, we stare solutions in the eyes and don’t even know it. Let’s take a look of the most important safety tips.

* Garage door maintenance. It has always been the best way to avoid problems. Just make sure you trust the technician and his work. In order to do that, check out the efficiency of a garage door company when you need help the least.
* You aim at having strong, well-installed garage door parts free of rust. So, change them. Don’t rely on components, which are worn, bent and totally damaged. It’s not a matter of avoiding noise, but preventing accidents.
* Stop DIY work. If you are not a garage door repair technician, you won’t grow skills in an hour. Avoid messing with the door, opener and any other part and especially with the springs. They can be killers.
* Talking about springs, do replace them before they snap. They will break once their lifespan is completed and most residential ones last for 10,000 cycles.
* Back to spring issues again. Have you heard of safety cables? If you have extension springs, these cables will save you from getting injured if one of your springs suddenly snaps.
* Test the photo eyes. These are the main opener safety features. This is one task you can do. All you have to do is to place an object on the floor under the door and see if the closing door will reverse upon contact. If it doesn’t, you have to fix the problem.

Things you might not know about your overhead door

With the right garage door adjustments, the door will close and open right. Even if you don’t care about security matters, you still need to make sure the door is adjusted. If the travel opening and closing limits of your door are not set right, the reverse system might not work. It’s also important for you to remember that the reverse mechanism should be checked again once adjustments are made. Keep in mind that all parts are somehow interconnected. So, if the pulleys are damaged, cables might get tangled and the door might jam. One problem leads to another.

Take precautions. Apart from doing all of the above, don’t forget the obvious. Don’t stand under the door, especially when it’s moving. Parents set examples to kids. Keep remote controls hidden and don’t let your kids play around the door. Nobody likes the idea of spending money on things they think they don’t need, but the recent tamper-resistant brackets and hinges can help you avoid injuries. It’s best to spend some money and time now than to cry over spilled milk. Don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “How to Make Garage Doors Safe

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  2. Thanks for going over some safety tips for garage doors. I didn’t know that the springs that are used for this can last about 10,000 cycles. I’m interested to learn how long this is in terms of years. Maybe it can help someone plan and prepare for how long it can last.


    • it depends on how many times garage doors are used daily. Each cycle includes opening and closing the garage door so someone will have to calculate the average times the door opens/closes daily and multiply accordingly. For example, for a garage door that opens/closes 3 times/day and so about 1095 times a year, the springs will last for about 8-9 years. But their condition also depends on maintenance (lubrication) and weather conditions.


  3. My wife and I noticed our garage door having a hard time opening and closing lately, so we are worried someone might get hurt. I like your point about how one problem can lead to another if the cables get damaged or tangled. We’ll have to find a professional to look at it before we risk letting the kids around it.


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