Lose Weight Together and Enjoy Every Minute of It

10. lose-weight-fast

10. lose-weight-fast

How many times did you make diet plans and failed to complete them? Time to make it work by losing weight as a couple

The Boomtown Rats were right. Nobody likes Mondays. Who wants to get up knowing that there will be no chocolate chip cookies in the menu today? Diets start on Mondays, but often end by mid-day. Who set up such rules? Forget about the calendar and “must do” norms. If your diet is going to make you miserable, it won’t work. Do it right and you will really lose. After all, it’s not worth struggling to lose a few pounds only to gain them back before the month is over! This will make you even more frustrated. The whole point is for you to lose weight and enjoy the results and not the other way around.

Think out of the box. Don’t focus on the diet, but how it can succeed. Start by thinking why you fail to lose weight all this time. If you can’t resist the temptations hiding behind each kitchen cabinet, follow a different pattern. The best way to do it and have results is to make common efforts with your spouse. Joined forces will make you stronger and junk will be banned for good. With no temptations around, you win the first battle against cravings, but you still have a war to win. Let’s see how.

Boost personal power

Losing weight is definitely hard, but you must remember that everything is in your mind. Hunger goes away with much less than the amounts of food we usually throw in our stomachs. It’s the brain, which makes us crave for ice-cream, chocolate, chips and similar junk we all adore. So, your first goal is to turn things around. Instead of suppressing depression with chocolate, set out new goals that will make you happy. After all, one of the reasons for being depressed is your inability to lose weight. When you make common efforts with your better half, things will be easier.

Tips on how to lose weight – both of you

Talk about it! If you both need to lose weight, devote some time to say out loud the reasons for you having to lose weight. Your health comes first, but also think how much more attractive you’ll both look at the end of your efforts. The best way to succeed is to be determined and think of different things than constantly go over the day’s menu. If you think about food, you’ll eventually eat. If you set new motivations, you will have something to look for and this will keep you going. Think of the summer or the nice cocktail dress you bought and hardly wore.

Although sex appeal is not related to weight, you will still feel more confident and sexy. You will feel healthier, lighter and more beautiful. The little secret is to avoid setting out big goals. Just the idea of having to lose 50 pounds and going through long starvation periods will keep you from ever starting your diet. Take one step at a time and see how it goes. Losing a couple of pounds will motivate you to keep on going. It’s pure psychology.

The benefits of losing weight as a couple

You will be inspired from one another and won’t have to worry that one of you will carry grocery bags full of chips and candy bars at home. As a common effort, it will help you bond since you will decide together which food to put on your table. Go food-shopping together. Enjoy picking up groceries and fill up your fridge so that you won’t have the feeling that there is nothing in the house. Since you are in this together, you can talk about it and make new plans for the following week. You can forget about food topics by planning a weekend getaway or going out shopping things for the house. It’s a consolation knowing that you are not alone in this and you can provide moral support to each other. Since talking about other stuff is the best way to forget about food, it will be good to have an ally at home instead of a spouse who constantly tells you that having a few spoons of ice-cream won’t ruin your efforts. Trust me they will!
Lose weight, not hope

Let me prepare you for this. Your husband will lose weight much faster than you will. Men are often bigger, spend more time out of the house, are hardly emotional eaters, and have more muscle mass. So, they burn fat faster than women because their bodies need to consume more calories in order to function right. On the other hand, women do deal with cravings before and during their period. This happens because the female body needs extra calories these days and hormones yearn for fattening junk.

The best way to succeed is to avoid having a guilty-conscious or punish yourselves! The extra weight will go away easier and faster if you treat your body and cravings with some delicious snacks. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, you will have to be a tad patient the first week or two. Fill the fridge with vegetables and proteins (which activate metabolism) and have frequent snacks. Make them delicious. Read some recipes, which include steaks, green salad and some cheese, and make nice combinations. Starving yourselves to death is not the solution. Once the first period of torture has passed and you have already noticed some difference in your clothes, choose one day in a week to eat what you like without overdoing it. This will give you a motive to carry on!

Exercise, exercise, exercise

Exercise and then exercise again! Take the stairs, long walks and visit your neighborhood’s gym. If you cannot afford it, exercise at home, but remember that walking a couple of miles every day is the best way to lose weight and enhance your health. When you cut down food portion and invest time in exercising, the results are astonishing. Remember that if you have much weight to lose, you should consult with a doctor first. If one of you gets tired, the other will be there to point out the advantages of your long-term efforts and this is the most important thing. If nothing seems to work, just start eating meals at smaller plates. It will take time, but perhaps the best diet is to eat everything in small portions. Also remember: efforts eventually pay off and you will definitely gain back your lost sexuality and attraction you once had as a couple. If that’s not a motive, what is?

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