How to Build Company Culture and Why It’s Important

fotoblog3Here’s a question for you: if you were to start a start-up company, would you think of culture?

Businesses are all about making money, expanding, getting stronger and everything in between. But that’s not how some big online companies see things. Successful online corporations have power, high revenue, fame and a huge clientele. The difference is that they didn’t start aiming at this direction. They started focusing on culture or rather company culture.

What makes company culture so important?

When we think of culture, we think of customs, beliefs and distinct characteristics which make societies distinguishable. At a smaller scale, these are also the elements identifying company culture. So, what is company culture and why is it important? Company culture has to do with everyday core values. It is all about taking action and this concerns every member of the team since the overall goal is to accomplish the company’s mission.

Allow us to elaborate. Company culture has to do with core values, which identify everyone in the team. Core values have to do with how much time, efforts and personal work each member of the staff puts in the company. They have to do with the goals set at the first time and the steps taking to accomplish them. Why are core values significant?

* Values become the main principles you go back to when it’s time to make decisions
* Company culture aligns people with the values which are important to the particular business
* Culture provides stability and increase trust among company members
* Good culture helps you decide what to do and even most importantly what NOT to do
* Eventually company culture pays off. Some of the most powerful companies in the world give great emphasis on culture

You are unique. Let the world know

You are surely wondering how to create values. Should you focus on integrity or honesty? The secret is to discover what’s important to you. The core values define you and differ among people. To build up company culture you must look for the things, which are essential to you and tied to your own mission and then find people who share the same values.

Time to hire? Look for core values

When companies, which focus on culture, are in the process of hiring people, they do ask potential candidates about their values. This takes time and compensates later because once you build up a team, which is solid in terms of values, you have already gained half the game – you just don’t know it yet.

It takes trust to have a conflict with someone in the team and let the best idea prevail for the company’s interest.

It takes commitment and accountability to bring results. The team of the company is the parents and the company is the child. If the team is dysfunctional, the company will fail.

Behaviors might change over the years, but the main principles and core values stay the same and identify you.

This is the way you should think and hire. When you are working for a certain mission, your passion goes out and meet the recipients who are your clients. You create a bigger family and they all have a sense of belonging. This is the right lesson for success.

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