Let’s Take a Break …

14881550224_72d233d621_z… from our usual writing and want-to-finally-earn-from-writing concerns!

I have a quick question: can anyone read the information on detergent product labels?

Well, I am not far-sighted but I can hardly distinguish the tiny letters. I can understand that these guys are required by law to include a lot of info, but give us a break: do you want us to read it or not?

I mean, if I cannot read the instructions, the what-to-do and especially the what-NOT-to-do, I can’t even begin to imagine which products end up in my grandma’s basket!

I think the whole idea of detergent labeling was to eliminate accidents and wrong-use of the product. Well, I won’t drink it, but I cannot guarantee I won’t use a marble-floor-cleaning product on hardwood.

Can someone whisper our problem to these guys?

The Impacts of Our Reading Habits on Our Writing Performance

fotoblog lib2Do we write better when we read more? I think we all know the answer to that. Among other studies sociologists and researchers conduct, they have also found that people who read a lot since their childhood years grow up to be excellent writers.

There is also another thing to consider: reading and writing are interrelated. The more we read the better we write, but it works the other way around too. When we write a lot, we develop our ability to read thoroughly and skim through texts easier. Continue reading

Garage door progress made by people for people


Take Advantage of Garage Door Progress … it’s good for you

When was the last time you talked about garage doors with your friends, replaced yours or sought information about new age products? If it’s been a while, let us tell you that things change rapidly. It all starts with technology! Once the first step of progress was taken, there was no turning back. The steps towards more advanced products are taken faster and faster and to our advantage, too. It’s like a domino, but with positive effects. Continue reading

Can we prevent burglaries?

lockCan we really prevent home burglaries? Some say that if intruders set their minds to get into your house, they can actually achieve it. This is partially true. But who can be so obsessed with just one house! All we can actually do is try our best by taking the best possible measures in order to avoid home intrusions. Whether that would involve new lock installation or some repairs and improvements here and there, this is just one side of the coin. The other side is to understand why we must take action even if there is the slightest chance that burglars will still make it into our homes! Continue reading