Can we prevent burglaries?

lockCan we really prevent home burglaries? Some say that if intruders set their minds to get into your house, they can actually achieve it. This is partially true. But who can be so obsessed with just one house! All we can actually do is try our best by taking the best possible measures in order to avoid home intrusions. Whether that would involve new lock installation or some repairs and improvements here and there, this is just one side of the coin. The other side is to understand why we must take action even if there is the slightest chance that burglars will still make it into our homes!

When we take good security measures, we actually make the life of intruders more difficult. They might have the brains to break in through our security door locks but if they need quite some time just to get in, they usually give up the efforts. One of the things most intruders want is quick in and out. Most burglaries last 5 – 6 minutes at the most. In most cases, they even last for just a minute or two. They don’t want to take risks. That’s why they don’t bother with high security locking systems and door locks, which actually need great efforts to break them. The longer they stay the biggest the risk of getting caught. They don’t like to take such risks. Besides, that’s why they choose the most remote and dark parts of the targeted house.

Learn how to keep burglars out

So, our main objective is to slow them down. By choosing high tech systems or digital bolts, you make them work for a longer time and that’s hardly want they want. By slowing them down, you achieve to get them in action or have time to call the police. So, time to make some changes in the house.
* Invest in high tech locks, which are hard to handle, and also make sure they are installed properly
* Lock all doors and windows even if you are in the house. In a different case, you just doing them a favor
* Have you considered safe installation? This will slow them further down even if they manage to get in the house
* Lit up all dark corners of the yard. Don’t give them the pleasure of picking on your lock in the dark
* If you don’t have restrictions in the area, prefer double cylinder deadbolt installation. It’s best to use the key at both sides of the door. It increases security

The more you speed up when it comes to security measures and new age systems, the more you slow burglars down. This is your objective, isn’t it?

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