Great Artists Have Muses – Why Not We?

How Writers Get Inspired

people 2

The big idea is out there. Writers just need to see it. If you think about it, we can write about anything. The question is the development of the idea. What makes writing unique for each professional is the way one grasps an idea and the context in which this idea is developed. All subjects have an audience. What’s important is to say something new or present a topic from a different angle.

Where do we find article ideas? They are all around us. They practically affect our everyday lives. From the way people behave while they are waiting in a bank queue to reporting an adventure, narrating a special event and writing about personal skills, ideas are actually found in our everyday lives.

What will help us? Observation, interaction and personal interests! When we pop to get some milk, we see people, overhear conversations and study personal behavior. Natural born writers have it in them. No writer is indifferent to his/her surroundings. We are curious by nature and this natural talent becomes the greatest source of our inspiration.

The truth is that writers can be inspired by something they read online or something they watch on television. A simple sentence in a book or a line in a film might drive writers to create a brand new article about a certain subject.

people 1

It definitely depends on what you write about. If you are a movie or food critic, it’s a different story. But then again other people’s reaction counts. It seems that people’s stories, reactions, behavior and place in society are the greatest inspirations to us all. After all, we write as one human to another. What we are trying to do is understand each other and learn from one another and that’s why we become each other’s inspiration. Our own societies and nature surrounding them become the sources of our inspiration. Writers must keep these things in mind!

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