Insulated Garage Doors: Why Not!!!

garagedoor6Insulated garage doors are good for you! Just think about it: you spend less energy, enjoy better indoor temperatures, and keep your doors for years. According to recent studies, insulated doors are extremely durable. They’ll keep moving when regular doors would stop and also provide noise insulation as well. How about that? Let the kids scream all they want. Want an extra credit? Your bedroom upstairs will be warmer simply because insulated garage doors help you keep the whole house warmer. These are the things promised by insulated doors. Let’s see why!

Why insulated doors are important

What are insulated garage doors? They are actually doors made up of two or more layers of steel (or whatever other material you choose) which encompasses the insulation materials (sandwich-like). Manufacturers use polyurethane or polystyrene insulation materials. Since the higher the r-value the higher the energy efficiency, polyurethane materials are better because they are injected in between panels and stick to their walls. They actually offer much higher insulation than polystyrene materials. Though, the latter is less expensive.

The r-value actually measures the thermal resistance of products and is a term extensively used in the construction industry. If you want good temperatures, you need to get high values – like 15 – but it will also depend on which insulation materials you choose and also which door material you get.

The advantages of insulated garage doors

The benefits are plenty. It’s important for you to remember that insulated doors are not recommended only for cold weathers. Insulation materials keep cold waves from entering the garage but also keep summer heat from affecting your indoor environment. Although getting new insulated overhead garage doors will cost you more than if you’d get regular ones, you’ll be compensated by paying much less for utility bills. Apart from having good temperatures in the garage, you will also enjoy better indoor temperatures in the entire house. The temperatures in the house are affected by the temperatures in attached garages.

The advantages are not limited to the good temperatures. Since insulated doors have two or more layers of steel, they are also much stronger and also excellent noise insulators. So, you will feel more assured about your security and you won’t be bothered by outside noise. Of course, if you want to have the best results, you must make sure the weather stripping is in good condition, too. You don’t want these little gaps created by worn weather seals to compromise your temperatures. Another benefit related to polyurethane insulation materials is that despite the fact that the door consists of multiple layers, it’s not necessarily thicker or heavier and so you don’t have to replace the garage door springs, but in order to avoid related trouble, it’s best to make sure of the new door’s weight.

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