Which Garage Door Parts Are Dangerous?

garagedoor5Who’s afraid of his overhead garage door? There is no reason to. Garage doors become dangerous only when we let them to. Although we all tremble in the idea of the door falling on us, the truth is that doors don’t just fall out of the blue. They move and remain safe thanks to the good cooperation of the garage door parts and so their condition would determine the stability of the door. It’s simple! If you have all parts checked and maintained from time to time, the door won’t collapse.

Although all parts must be in excellent condition, overhead door safety is ensured by two basic components:

  1. The garage door opener sensors, which prevent the door from closing down on you
  2. The springs, which keep the door from coming down with force

If these two parts are taken care of, you won’t have to worry about your safety. The photo eyes are installed to detect anything or anyone under the door. They do that when they are adjusted, plugged in properly and well connected with the opener. At the same time, garage door springs keep the door open. It’s due to their power that the door doesn’t slide down. If by any chance they break while the door is open, you will see the door crashing down.

Be extra careful! There are more dangerous parts

It’s critical for you to remember that all parts might have rough edges and since they are made of steel, they can injure you if you put your hands on them. People often injure their fingers. Sectional doors have several panels connected with hinges. The little gap among panels is the ideal place for people to hold their overhead door as they try to close it down manually. That’s how fingers are usually injured. These gaps don’t remain open for long. As the door closes, they do too! You must also pay attention to all parts, which might snap due to their tension – like springs and cables. Don’t be fooled by the innocent looks of the bottom brackets. Since they are connected with the cable/spring system, they might become very dangerous, too. Protect yourself by keeping away from the door and making sure it is well maintained.

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