You Are Kindly Reminded to Lock Your Doors

deadbolt 6Some things are common knowledge. Some things are just common sense. We don’t have to think about them; we just do them because we consider them natural. Don’t we all get dressed before exiting our homes? We should feel the same way about our home locks. We buy them, install them and then forget to lock them. You might find it strange and far stretched but actually this is one of the most common reasons why there are so many home burglaries today and especially during the day. Do you think you will scare the intruder away with your presence at home? Some might get discouraged surely, but others won’t care less. They will simply open the door like gentlemen, get a few things they need, close the door and leave without even bothering you at all. Ten minutes later, you will walk into your living room to discover that some things are missing or you will wonder why you don’t hear the television anymore!

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How to Choose Window Locks

window2The right window locks will save the child, allow you to enjoy a well-aired house without being concerned of intrusions and make burglars very sad. So, the right choice of locks plays a significant role and it will be this choice of yours which will determine the security of your house but also your child’s safety. You see, a child that is curious enough to open cabinets or try to reach the keys hanging from the door locks will also want to step out of the window or admire the view. Even if you live at a ground floor house, the dangers are plenty let alone living at upper floor apartments. Taking precautions is always the best solution for the avoidance of such accidents but also for higher home security. So, thing well and make a good research before you end up buying.

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Knock, Knock!!! Who’s There?


Intruders are like octopuses. They move their legs in whichever way convenient for their purposes and are ready to flee in seconds. They won’t only sneak up on you at the darkest hours of the night but will also knock like gentlemen on your front door pretending to be someone else. They have discovered methods and broadened their horizons in order to be more flexible and find ways to break-in. They can pretend to be salesmen to check out who is answering the door or to check out the house. They have their minds on ground floor homes and especially those with open windows and try to reach keys placed close to the window opening. They have found their ways and we must find ours or our new door locks won’t mean a thing to our security.

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Security: What does it mean to you?

deadbolt 2Undoubtedly, quality door locks are the epitome of security. On the other hand, the installation of good bolts is only a fraction of what you can do to enjoy higher security. Although deadbolt installation is absolutely important, home security is more than that; it’s more than locks. It’s rather a combination of different things, which include decisions on your behalf and actions taken. It’s the right timing for everything you decide to do and how serious you are about the security of your own house. It’s not that there is a single homeowner who wouldn’t care to do the best he can for the enhancement of his security. It’s rather a question of how well-informed one is and whether he knows what measures to take to maximize security as much as possible.

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Locks Are Smart Today! How About Yourself?

deadbolt 5

Do your door locks open with your smartphone? Do you still have conventional ones and use physical keys? The truth is that most people are hesitant in making the big step and pass from conventional solutions to high tech locking systems. With all their problems, most of us still trust the old style door locksets and our steel keys and have come to terms with the need to change them from time to time, replace the lost house keys and deal with lockouts. Though, see what happens! While we are traveling with the bus, there is a space ship traveling to Mars. There is a huge difference and perhaps it’s time we come out of our shell and see the colors of the new world. They are truly promising!

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Can we prevent burglaries?

lockCan we really prevent home burglaries? Some say that if intruders set their minds to get into your house, they can actually achieve it. This is partially true. But who can be so obsessed with just one house! All we can actually do is try our best by taking the best possible measures in order to avoid home intrusions. Whether that would involve new lock installation or some repairs and improvements here and there, this is just one side of the coin. The other side is to understand why we must take action even if there is the slightest chance that burglars will still make it into our homes! Continue reading