Is Online Writing Killing Our Good Old-Fashioned Writing Skills?

6661771443_532d13e8e3_zI often go back to the days when I was writing for a newspaper – the traditional, paper-made ones. There was still anxiety about the topic but we also focused on content, cross checking our sources, stating the facts and trying to find a voice to communicate with the paper’s audience.Then came the web. And along arrived online writing. The rules changed. Online job offers are asking authors to deliver e-books in a few months let alone the insane ones who expect a well-researched, quality content and interesting e-book in a week!!! Did we get smarter during the transition from the traditional to the web era? Continue reading

Great Artists Have Muses – Why Not We?

How Writers Get Inspired

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The big idea is out there. Writers just need to see it. If you think about it, we can write about anything. The question is the development of the idea. What makes writing unique for each professional is the way one grasps an idea and the context in which this idea is developed. All subjects have an audience. What’s important is to say something new or present a topic from a different angle.

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The Impacts of Our Reading Habits on Our Writing Performance

fotoblog lib2Do we write better when we read more? I think we all know the answer to that. Among other studies sociologists and researchers conduct, they have also found that people who read a lot since their childhood years grow up to be excellent writers.

There is also another thing to consider: reading and writing are interrelated. The more we read the better we write, but it works the other way around too. When we write a lot, we develop our ability to read thoroughly and skim through texts easier. Continue reading

1,000 writers, 1,000 writing styles

fotoblogsquare4Let’s talk about style! Let’s leave out academic papers and in-office documents, which require special techniques. Let’s talk about everyday newspaper and magazine writing. Even before the great invention of online blog posts and press, personal writing style was of the essence.

I remember when I was taking my first steps in journalism, my brother told me that if I wanted to make a difference, I should adopt my own style. He was right! Suddenly, the only articles which had an impact on me were the ones with personal style.

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