Let’s Take a Break …

14881550224_72d233d621_z… from our usual writing and want-to-finally-earn-from-writing concerns!

I have a quick question: can anyone read the information on detergent product labels?

Well, I am not far-sighted but I can hardly distinguish the tiny letters. I can understand that these guys are required by law to include a lot of info, but give us a break: do you want us to read it or not?

I mean, if I cannot read the instructions, the what-to-do and especially the what-NOT-to-do, I can’t even begin to imagine which products end up in my grandma’s basket!

I think the whole idea of detergent labeling was to eliminate accidents and wrong-use of the product. Well, I won’t drink it, but I cannot guarantee I won’t use a marble-floor-cleaning product on hardwood.

Can someone whisper our problem to these guys?