Hi! This is my first book for children


This is my first attempt to enter the children’s reading world! I would be glad and honored to read your feedback should you decide to buy it. This is the first Little Bobby book of a series of adventures. In this particular book, our little hero decides to step out of his family house alone to meet the uncle he never met. And that’s when his adventures begin. With no adult by his side, he must face the usual troubles we all confront as adults daily but they seem to be mountains to climb for little guys, like Bobby.

What I am trying to show is not the dangers as much as the courage all young kids hide inside and their ability to deal with problems in a simple way. Their innocence shocks grown ups and allows them to reveal the good side we all hide inside. And so Bobby finds support and assistance at the most unusual places in the city.

If you are interested in buying the book, you can click here

If you want to check out the first page, there is a preview on amazon (where you can also buy it). Just enter the title of the book! Happy reading!

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