My Portfolio

fotoblogsquare11I have written a huge number of articles over the last years. Many of them are service pages, about us and homepages for companies, which provide garage door repair services, locksmith services, gate repair, air duct repair, carpet cleaning, appliances repair, and landscaping services.

My work also includes blog posts for the above niches as well as articles related to social issues.

I have posted a few on my blog and you will find them under the CATEGORIES section on your right-hand side. I’ve tried to separate them into different categories to make your life easier.

Some articles are older, some are written more recently. And that’s as far as my job as a web content writer is concerned.

As for the rest of my writing work, I have written a few novels which I plan to edit and publish them asap. Currently, I am focusing on children’s books and working on a comic book about kids/family adventures.

So stick around and I will keep you posted!

(Always) enjoy reading!